The lady is for turning (away)

UK politicians have lost the plot. They are all suffering from collective amnesia when it comes to the duty they owe to the people they work for. The Conservative party is self-serving, Labour is navel-gazing, and the Liberal Democrats simply want to be liked again. The SNP, in all fairness, look to be well organised, which is great for Scotland but not for the rest of the UK. The other parties are niche and unlikely to make any political dent.

Which brings us to this snap election. The Conservatives have made history by twice electing a woman as their leader. Theresa May was not elected by the nation, though, which makes her position precarious. Add to this the magnitude of Brexit, the threat of financial doom and a country divided between chest-thumping Brexiteers and self-righteous Remoaners. The last thing the UK needed was more division, which is why the PM decided it would be out of the question. Until she saw her party’s lead in the polls…

The announcement speech was a thing of beauty, very assertive and delivered with a perfect scowl. The content of the speech was hair-raising in its chilling authoritarian tone. First, the PM asserted the government’s position on Brexit, and offered many platitudes on what the UK wanted and what it would gain. This was a clear rally cry for anyone who voted for or supported Brexit. It’s worth noting that nothing was said about practical objectives. No mention made of the HOW of it all.

The PM highlighted her government’s benevolence, before sticking the knife into all the major parties. She stopped short of calling them enemies of the people. It seems that any challenge to the government’s position is a threat to the interest of the nation. And although the government was unopposed in triggering Article, Theresa May feels her government can’t deliver on Brexit unless they have carte blanche.

Does a vote for the Conservatives equal a vote for Brexit? Not at all. Most politicians are respecting the result of the referendum, so Brexit will happen. There are no ways to retain access to the single market, without agreeing to all the EU rules and regulations. So there is no “soft Brexit” option. Voters on both side need to move away from the back and forth on Brexit. Brexit is a done deal. The focus should be on the effective running of the country, and safeguarding institutions like the NHS. Though Brexit affects this, it isn’t the ONLY political issue to worry about. In this election, voters should ask themselves this:

Do I want to hand over complete control of EVERYTHING to the Conservative Party? Do I want to help this Conservative government avoid scrutiny?

Voters should be weary of Theresa May’s attempt at power grab. Any governing party that tries to silence the opposition should be treated with contempt. This is how democracies turn into dictatorships. Theresa May is willing to play on everyone’s emotions. She is prepared to take advantage of a moment of political chaos, in order to gain absolute power.

There’s more at stake in this election than simply Brexit.




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