Protest party vs. governing party

Since the announcement of the general election, parties have been speaking to their target audiences. The Tories want to win over the Brexiteers. The Lib Dems the 48% who wanted to remain and anyone who regretted voting to leave the EU, or those who didn’t vote at all. The SNP want to re-energise the people of Scotland for a second referendum, and the Green Party want an Avengers style pact to keep out the Tories. No one really knows what UKIP want, since they’ve accomplished their purpose but still refuse to go away.

In comparison, Jeremy Corbyn made Labour’s position clear in his first big general election speech;

The diving lines in this election could not be clearer from the outset. It’s the Conservatives; The party of privilege and the richest versus the Labour Party. It’s the establishment versus the people. It’s our historic duty to make sure the people prevail.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the Labour Party will be fighting to win this election under a leftist ideological banner. It must be a dream come true for Jeremy Corbyn, to no longer be in the minority within his own party. After all, this is the MP who produced his own manifesto for the last general elections. Will his message reach Labour’s target audience, though? Can Labour reconnect with its roots? And more importantly, will it appeal to everyone else?

The Labour Party actually has socially conscious policies. People are worried about job security, keeping up with mortgage payments; or will they ever get on the property ladder? They are worried about rising car insurance cost, food prices, and whether they can afford to keep up with the bills. People are worried about the fact that nothing seems certain anymore. Huge numbers are being left behind, and the Labour Party seems to be offering them a way to catch up.

The issue with this party is that it appears to be anti-aspirations and anything it identifies as the establishment. Jeremy Corbyn needs to be strongly reminded that the only way to enact socially progressive policies is by being in power. The Labour Party needs to stop sounding as if they are against individual aspirations, and out to punish anyone who is, or becomes, successful. Instead, they need to start speaking to every voter, even the rich and powerful ones. To win this election, Jeremy Corbyn needs to stop railing against the establishment, and offer every voter a real alternative to the Conservative Party.

Perhaps it is time to take the best of New Labour, and do what Tony Blair did so well before he became power mad. The Labour party should give people hope. They should set out a platform for an optimistic future that lifts people from poverty; helps businesses grow and provides security to the working people. A plan so inclusive, that it will make the establishment feel less targeted. Maybe then, the Daily Mail and its kind will stop gunning for Jeremy.

Jeremy Corbyn’s speech


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